Our founder, Mike Alves was quoted in this article published by US News. “Billionaires are constantly looking for the best advisors in their respective fields. It's all about having the right people for the right job. That’s why they’re billionaires. They know who the right people are…”
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Our Founder, Mike Alves, featured in The Lifestyle Issue of DREAMS Magazine: “Consider it Wealth 3.0,” he adds, “aligning wealth and purpose for a more meaningful life.”
Mike Alves of Vida Private Wealth in Pasadena: Our Founder, Mike Alves, featured in this issue of Voyage LA Magazine. Read the full article Here
Advisory Firms in 2030: Growth by Specialization - Our Founder, Mike Alves, interviewed and quoted in this research paper by SEI and the Financial Planning Association regarding innovation and growth in the wealth management advisory industry. Read the full article Here
‘Kids that don’t fail are normally frugal.' Wealth advisers say Meghan and Harry’s lifestyle already raises red flags By Brett Arends Meghan and Harry Windsor aren’t the first people to try to quit the safety of a rich family and try to go it alone, and they won’t be the last. But financial experts who have counseled wealthy families say the reports about the couple’s first financial moves as an independent royals raise classic warning...
Mentoring: The Key to Retention of Diverse Hires The business case for diversity has been a topic of conversation since the 1980s. And it feels like only recently the financial planning profession in particular is ready to take some action. One of the many takeaways from CFP Board’s inaugural Diversity Summit held last October, is that we can start advancing the profession today by mentoring. “Mentoring is crucial if we are going to get minorities...
Mike Alves |
Reaching a level of abundant wealth – whether that’s by selling your business, inheritance or years of smart planning and saving– is a milestone many are happy to achieve. But for some, the days of anticipated relaxation and leisure quickly seem to evaporate, instead filled with numerous surprising issues and unexpected dynamics affecting not only yourself, but your family as well. This new and abundant wealth is not quite serving you as anticipated – but...

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