You’ve spent a lifetime acquiring the temperament to oversee wealth.  Without the benefit of this time and experience, sudden inherited wealth can sometimes trigger disaster for those who are young.
Transferring your financial wisdom to your heirs to prevent “sudden wealth syndrome” may be the greatest legacy you can leave. 

This part of our service, tailored for the second generation (NextGen), offers one-on-one attention to familiarize your heirs with the opportunities and risks wealth offers.  It prepares them to think and act as a responsible high-net-worth individual in the world – a unique advantage no college can offer.
Clients typically will gift a modest sum into a separate account held in the name of the child.  Then, through our one-on-one meetings with them, your heirs will: 

  • Begin hands-on investing
  • Become familiar with an array of investment instruments
  • Learn how to interact with and manage outside professionals
  • Gain literacy in financial statements
  • Experience market volatility and common investor emotions
  • Recognize economic trends in the world around them 

This complimentary service opens young minds to the world of financial management.  It is a natural extension of your relationship with us, equipping your family to manage wealth for generations.


Preventing “Sudden Wealth Syndrome”

How do you ensure inherited wealth will foster the life you envision for your heirs?
Trust fund payments or a large distribution can trigger an emotional upheaval for the recipient. This may cause them to question their role in life, how they should spend their time, even the motivation of their friends.
It’s even more difficult if they were not aware it was coming to them or have no experience in managing this level of financial responsibility.
Along with assets, transmitting your values, common sense, and financial literacy is the key to giving heirs an advantage in the financial world.

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