Kimberly Palma

Director of First Impressions

As the Director of First Impressions, Kimberly actively ensures that our clients receive the highest class of service. Kimberly understands that strong relationships between our clients are initialized with positive impressions and maintained through unequivocal reliability. Undoubtedly, her radiant enthusiasm and resourcefulness are sure to rapidly make all feel welcome. Kimberly was previously a Program Director at UCLA's Center for Community College Partnerships Program where she diligently ensured positive impacts on the lives of hundreds of young scholars. For this, she was recognized by the City of Los Angeles for her efforts in promoting social justice and educational opportunities for all.

Kimberly earned a Bachelor of Arts in Chicanx Studies with a minor in Public Health and Labor Studies at UCLA. She is expected to pursue a Master Degree in Public Health in Fall 2022.

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