Louis Wellmeier JD

Director of Family Governance and Legacy Planning

Louis has fifteen years of personal experience with a holistic and emotionally-based approach to wealth, inheritance, family governance and legacy creation. He has ten years of professional experience in the inheritance planning industry as an attorney, a financial advisor, a trust advisor and a private inheritance consultant. His work has interconnected many fields and disciplines, including estate planning, long-term financial planning and philanthropy planning. Louis is passionate about helping clients and their families make decisions that will help them find financial peace of mind.   

Louis discovered the importance of holistic and integrated financial services after his grandmother's estate plan tore his extended family apart. Although the plan was technically appropriate, the lack of communication about the plan to the next generation and the lack of preparation in managing their inherited wealth were disastrous.  

In addition to his exposure to traditional estate planning, Louis also gained personal and professional experiences with the traditional financial services model. Specifically, he grew frustrated with the many shortcomings of the transactional-based approach. Instead, he sought a relationship-based one that not only cultivated and preserved long term client relationships, but also delivers the financial peace of mind that he always felt people deserve.     

Louis' desire to provide life-enhancing and customized holistic financial services led him to pursue his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING® Certificate and a prestigious graduate degree in Financial Planning and a Certificate in Life Planning* from Golden Gate University.  (He will complete his degree in early 2021 and will then take his CFP® exam.)  

*Life Planning is a new frontier in the financial planning industry: Through research in psychology and behavioral finance, Life Planning offers insight and tools in how to facilitate empowerment and powerful life-changing insight into the lives of clients.  Louis will graduate in early 2021 and will then take his CFP® exam.   

In his free time, Louis enjoys staying active through biking on the road and on his Peloton, practicing yoga, traveling with his physician wife and discovering and supporting small boutique and family-owned wineries.  He is also very involved in his daughter's activities, which include mountain biking, gymnastics and teaching her how to cook.  Most recently, his family has grown by two, with the addition of Max and Luna, two standard poodle puppies.