Patty Alfonso

Chief Happiness Officer

Patty’s upbeat and positive demeanor has earned her the title of Chief Happiness Office at VIDA Private Wealth. As soon as you meet her, you’ll see why!

Patty is passionate about providing exceptional service to our valued clients as well as our team members. Her focus is on delivering a WOW experience throughout all stages of client service engagement.

An avidly curious individual, Patty has always had a desire to learn new things. She has spent the last 15 years in personal development with a focus on family dynamics and supporting women through major life transitions. 

Originally from Puerto Rico, Patty earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Emory University and re-located to California in 2001.

Over the years Patty has developed a keen ability to intuitively catch things before they become a problem. She helps our team run smoothly and efficiently every day!

In her free time, Patty enjoys dancing, hiking, reading, traveling and creating adventures in her everyday life.