Robert C. Arne MA, EA, CFP®

Financial Life Planner

Robert is a life planner, teacher and historian who cherishes listening to other’s dreams. He is a broad-minded planner who studied political economy and history at Berkeley and then economics, social science, and history at the University of Chicago—with a stint in Politics at Oxford. Robert has a good grasp on financial markets and the business cycle learned from Nobel Laureate professors but augmented this with 36 units of Accounting, a CFP®, and will soon complete a Masters in Advanced Financial Planning from Golden Gate University. He can quote Socrates to recall that "The unexamined life is not worth living" and Jesus who claimed "The truth shall set you free!" and, with financial practice, writing and teaching, he strives to build the profession of Financial Planning as an art and science as well respected as architecture, accounting, or medicine. 

Robert’s Life Planning concentration at Golden Gate University gives him abilities as a financial coach and therapist who relates to challenges of death, defeat and divorce because he has been through these challenges on his way to financial independence. Robert had the economics, accounting, and finance education to deal with technical investing questions coupled with the real-world experience of starting tutoring centers, a school, construction companies, and multiple real estate ventures. He had six years of experience in a tax firm, Dunham Associates CPA’s, where he was a poet amidst numerologists who not only assisted with complicated tax returns but also defended taxpayers against the IRS and forecasted the tax consequences of windfalls and life changes.  Retirement planning and Estate Planning are specialties.  

Robert grew up in Oakland as the son of a Judge and mother who raised and educated him well. He devotes his spare time to mountain living, rebuilding his mountain chalet, hiking, cycling, motorbiking and singing sweet songs of liberty in a novel he’s writing about the Chinese revolution.