Managing Investments

We believe the implementation of investments makes Vida Wealth Management genuinely different. This is because we customize portfolios to bridge what is essential to our clients from an environmental and social standpoint, combining appropriate levels of risk and return.


Vida Private Wealth's independence as an investment advisory firm is a critical component of our open architecture platform, wherein we identify and select best-in-class third-party investment advisors. Our advice is driven by an independent analysis of opportunities in line with our clients' objectives, viewed within our long-term, global perspective.

Our investment research comes from some of the top investment firms such as Fidelity, Bank of New York Mellon, Raymond James, Merrill, and Credit Suisse.

Using this research, we design a custom investment portfolio that maximizes risk-adjusted, after-tax returns, and perpetuates the growth and transfer of your family's wealth for future generations.

Our holistic approach to investment management allows us to select investments unique to every client's individual goals without being pressured to fit clients into existing investment products.

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