Vida Private Wealth provides customized financial solutions to high-net-worth individuals and families. We believe in values-based financial decisions. Our main objective is to enable our clients to live their best life by providing them with clear, direct, and honest financial advice.

We coordinate our clients’ overall financial affairs and collaborate with various advisors such as CPAs, attorneys, insurance agents, accountants, and real estate brokers to serve as liaison or quarterback to the entire team. In doing so, we make sure everyone involved understands where they fit into your individualized financial life plan and are working together to help you reach your goals. 

If we cannot find the appropriate solution to a specific financial need, we will build one internally. Our flat-fee pricing is straightforward and eliminates conflicts of interest.

Moreover, because our clients' overall well-being and happiness are important to us, we can help them navigate through different life and financial changes by referring them to life- or wellness coaches. 

Our service falls into three areas of focus:

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