Wealth Management

At Vida Private Wealth, our wealth management process is offered with a high level of service for a reasonable fee. We take a long-term approach to wealth management. While many advisories and clients tend to have a primary focus on investment returns, we prioritize strategies to grow and sustain our clients’ wealth. We incorporate our clients’ future needs and goals into their wealth management strategies while staying mindful of the need to leave a legacy for future generations.

In doing so, we make sure everyone involved understands where they fit into your individualized financial life plan and are working together to help you reach your goals. 


We offer our clients a diverse range of wealth management services as they navigate through different life stages. Some of these services include:

  • Yearly goal tracking;
  • Ongoing asset and investment management (more about our investment approach here);
  • Cash flow planning;
  • Regular tax planning to optimize your current and future tax situation;
  • Periodic reviews of your estate plan and beneficiary designations;
  • Annual updating of insurance needs, including assistance with “shopping” for coverage;
  • Major expense planning – college, significant purchases, business planning;
  • Long-range and lifestyle planning.

Multi-Family Office Services

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